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Brisbane protest

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network represents a broad cross section of the Australian community with member groups in all states. Last month the 2017 IPAN national conference was titled Keep Australia out of US led wars. Speakers from the US, South Korea, Chagos Islands and New Zealand were well received with 200 people attending.

”It's time for Australians to stand independent from superpowers as a proud and peace-promoting member of the world community,” said Independent and Peaceful Australia Network spokesperson, Ms Annette Brownlie.

Congratulations! Nobel Peace Prize awarded to ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)

Brisbane Rally for Peace on Saturday 7th October was addressed by Dr Daniele Viliunas representing ICAN.

As the brinkmanship of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un continues with the risk of armed, possibly nuclear conflict, Brisbane people from diverse communities attended the Rally for Peace.  Now the Australian government should sign the UN Treaty to abolish nuclear weapons. 

Other speakers at the rally were:

Mr Ali Kadri spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Qld

Mr Paul Petersen from the Maritime Workers Union of Australia

Ms Robin Taubenfeld from the Friends of the Earth.

If you would like more information about this event or topic, please contact Annette Brownlie at 0431597256 or email at

The very successful IPAN National Conference was held in Melbourne 8-10 September 2017

You can listen to the excellent talks at the links below:
Assoc Prof David Vine, American University, Washington (author on US military bases around the world and US foreign policies) -  Impacts of the Global network of US military bases
Dr Alison Broinowski, Vice President of Australians for War Powers Reform -  What would an Independent foreign policy look like
James O'Neill, Barrister -  South China Sea
Prof Richard Tanter, (Nautilus Inst., Melbourne Uni) -  Obstacles to an independent foreign policy
Dr Margaret Beavis, National President, MAPW -  The real costs for Australia of US militarism
Rob Starry, Criminal Defence Lawyer -  Terrorism laws and surveillance
Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Australian Greens Defence Spokesperson -  The taboo of an Australia Independent of the US
Dr Mike Gilligan, former Defence Dept adviser -  Can Aus defend itself?
Warren Smith, National Assist. Secretary, MUA -  Peace is union business
Sung Hee Choi from Jeju Island, South Korea -  The crisis on the Korean Peninsula
Alex Edney-Browne, Ph D researcher on drones -  military funding unis
Dr Vince Scappatura The US lobby in Australia
Olivier Bancoult, indigenous leader from Diego Garcia -  Diego Garcia

and former Senator Scott Ludlam, at the Friday forum

Download our Conference Declaration, our Resolution on The Philippines and other Conference Resolutions

Campaign for reform of the powers to deploy troops to conflict zones

A talk was held on 21 September 2017 at Sydney University on the urgent need for reform of powers to deploy troops to conflict zones, organised by Australians for War Powers Reform.  IPAN supports this campaign.

Speakers in order of appearance were:
Prof John Keane (chair), Prof Gillian Triggs, Paul Barratt AO, and Kellie Tranter.

Listen to the talks here:

For further details:
Phone:  0431 597 256
IPAN, P.O. Box 573 Coorparoo, Qld, 4151