Application for, or renewal of IPAN Membership

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Membership of IPAN is open to organisations and individuals who agree with our five aims, namely:

  • Promote an independent Australian foreign policy that builds peace and nonviolent resolutions of conflict in our region;
  • Oppose the establishment of foreign military bases, and the deployment of foreign troops and military hardware in Australia and the Asia-Pacific;
  • Provide information analysis and opportunities for NGOs, unions, churches and community groups to campaign on Australia’s peace and security options;
  • Build links with peoples and organisations in the Asia-Pacific campaigning for peace and against military bases and troops in the region;
  • Promote a vision of a peaceful, just and sustainable Australia.

Membership fees ranges from $20 for individuals and small organisations to $100 for large organisations.

This application will be submitted to the Coordinating Committee meeting and you will be notified after the next meeting.


Membership is based on the financial year (1st July until June 30) and we would encourage you to renew your membership each year.   Membership paid after 1st April is current until 30 June of the following year.

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NB…If rather than using this website, you would prefer to mail in your details for joining or renewing membership, then
please download the IPAN membership form here.