Benefits and Responsibilities of membership of IPAN

IPAN Membership

Benefits of membership of IPAN

Being a member of IPAN supports our vital advocacy and campaigning work towards the development of a peaceful and independent Australia. It also gives you direct benefits including participation and collaboration on state/territory issues and campaigns.

  • Opportunities to help build a broad and sustained movement for an independent and peaceful Australia
  • Access to email alerts to keep up to date with emerging issues
  • Opportunity to advertise your organisation or group events and campaigns on the IPAN website, and in the monthly e-publication Voice IPAN, which circulates to more than 2000 people
  • Opportunity to partner IPAN on events with your organisation and access IPAN’s Public Liability Insurance for agreed events
  • Linkages to the IPAN’s network for resources, information and research
  • The opportunity to stand and vote at IPAN General Meetings (Annual General Meetings, Special General Meetings etc) . Please note:This is not available to Individual Members
  • The opportunity to stand and vote for the IPAN Coordination Committee. Please note:This is not available to Individual Members.

Responsibilities of Membership of IPAN

  • Ensure each member organization supports the aims and objectives of IPAN
  • Seek IPAN approval, via the IPAN Coordinating Committee, for partnering with IPAN on events which are consistent with IPAN’s Aims, Mission and Objectives. The Committee will ensure a decision  within 10 days
  • Seek IPAN approval (via the IPAN Coordinating Committee, with a timeframe of no more than 10 days) prior to speaking publicly on behalf of IPAN.
  • Inform IPAN if contact details for key organisational contact person changes

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IPAN Membership Benefits