• Alternatives to Violence Project Qld (AVPQ)
    • Australians for Justice and Peace in Palestine (AJPP);
    • Common Ground
    • Medical Assn for the Prevention of War ACT;
    • UnionsACT;
    • Pax Christi (National);
    • Wage Peace
    • Australia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends;
    • Lismore Remembering and Healing;
    • Newcastle Peace Group;
    • Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition;
    • Pax Christi NSW;
    • Marrickville Peace Group;
    • Progressive Labor Party (NSW);
    • SEARCH Foundation;
    • Alice Springs Peace Action Think-Tank (ASPATT);
    • Basewatch;
    • Ecumenical Social Justice Group Western Suburbs;
    • Union of Australian Women;
    • Australian Non-violence Projects;
    • St Marys in Exile;
    • Qld Quakers;
    • Just Peace Qld;
    • Electrical Trades Union (Qld) TU;
    • Maritime Union of Australia (Qld);
    • Graham Smith Peace Foundation;
    • Spirit of Eureka, SA;
    • Quaker Peace & Justice Committee TASMANIA;
    • War Resisters International (Hobart);
    • Pace e Bene, Australia;
    • Australian Western Sahara Association;
    • Unitarians Victoria;
    • Campaign for International co-operation and Disarmament (CICD);
    • Spirit of Eureka -VIC;
    • NTEU (National Tertiary Education Union);
    • Quakers WA;
    • Ban Uranium Mining Permanently (BUMP);
    • People for Nuclear Disarmament WA;
    • WA Anti-Nuclear Alliance (WANFA);
    • Footprints for Peace WA;
    • Mayors for Peace (WA);
    • Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA;
    • Electrical Trades Union (Vic);
    • Maritime Union of Australia (Vic);
    • CFMEU (Vic);
    • NSW Teachers Federation.
    • Australian Manufacturing Workers Union Retired Members Branch (Qld)
    • Earth First! Australia
    • Byron People for Peace and Justice
    • Conservation Council of WA
    • Health & Community Services Union Vic
    • Humanist Society Vic
    • Hunter Peace Group
    • Independent Republic Foundation
    • International Volunteers for Peace
    • IPAN South Australia
    • IPAN South West Regional Victoria
    • IPAN WA
    • Jews Against the Occupation
    • Peace Bus
    • Philippines Australia Solidarity Association
    • Phillipine Caucus for Peace
    • Safeground
    • SEARCH Foundation
    • Sydney West Peace Group
    • The Pen
    • Walkatjurra Walkabout


Who we are

IPAN is a network of organisations around Australia – community, faith and peace groups, trade unions and concerned individuals – aiming to build public dialogue and pressure for change to a truly independent foreign policy for Australia – one in which our government plays a positive role in solving international conflicts peacefully.

IPAN Vision

An independent and peaceful Australia

IPAN Mission

Advocate for an independent and peaceful Australia, free of foreign military bases, and free of interventions by other foreign Governments, corporations, or vested interests, that at present seek to exert undue influence in shaping Australia’s foreign and defence policies in a manner that diminishes Australia’s sovereignty


We acknowledge the traditional custodians the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and respect their continuing culture.  We acknowledge their country was violently seized 230 years ago, and affirm that genuine independence of Australia cannot be achieved without a just and sovereign Treaty with the indigenous people of this land.


The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network




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