Victorian Unions oppose war with China

Victorian Trades Hall Council  MOTION ON WAR WITH CHINA –  adopted on  14/5/2021

This meeting of the VTHC Executive is concerned with the Morrison government’s irresponsible and aggressive talk of war with China.  Australia’s war with China threatens our national security and will devastate our economy, jobs, industries and livelihoods, and can lead to a nuclear war.  This hyped up dangerous war talk has already damaged our beef, barley, wine and seafood markets in China, which ironically have been picked up by the US.

We believe that an independent and peaceful Australian foreign policy is in the best interest of Australian people, our national security and peace in the region. 

We invite VTHC affiliates to make submissions to IPAN  (Independent and Peaceful Australia Network) People’s Inquiry into the costs and consequences of Australia’s involvement in US wars.  The People’s Inquiry offers an opportunity for ordinary people to have their voices heard.

To make submissions