Voice, August 2018

August 2018 VOICE

 In this issue:
* Calls for Australia to follow NZ in ratifying nuclear weapons ban treaty
* Donald Trump could be ready to order a strike against Iran, Australian Government figures say
* IPAN Media Release: Australia should not assist in US attacks on Iran
* Two thirds of Yemenis need aid – is the Australian Gov’t helping prolong this war ?
* IPAN Campaign launched – end the force posture agreement & send the US marines back home
* Progress in “Give ’em the boot” campaign
* Making Australia a base for the US military the Force Posture Agreement – Bevan Ramsden
* It’s time to face the truth about ANZUS: it’s worse than no treaty at all – Henry Reynolds
* Hiroshima Day in Alice Springs remembers impact of atomic blasts on indigenous Australians
* Yami Lester: Aboriginal activist, elder and nuclear campaigner dies aged 75
* Hiroshima Day in Newcastle calls for Government to sign Ban the Bomb treaty
* Hiroshima Day March in Sydney
* The US Marines in Darwin according to precedent: neither in the national , nor the local interest – Judy Hemming
* Armed Neutrality for Australia?  Kathryn Kelly
* Timorese protest Australia’s prosecution of “Witness K” and lawyer
* AUSMIN and contradictions between Corporate Australia & the Coalition Government
* Toxic soil stockpile at Williamstown RAAF base as base prepares for housing F35 Fighters
* Public critique of the Australia Foreign Policy White Paper
* “We are not afraid”: Joseph Gerson & Assoc Prof Jake Lynch
* Advance Notice: Protests planned for Trump visit to Australia
*  RAPID Public Response Arrangements to any imminent military conflict or war breaking out