Negotiate and seek Peace Treaty, SMH, Oct 2017

Negotiate and seek Peace Treaty

Can’t agree more with John Hewson, SMH, 6/10 on the need for an Australian foreign policy independent of the US especially now in relation to Korea.

We are poised on the brink of a war in the Korean peninsula; a war which could escalate to other parts of the world with devastating consequences and that could include Australia because of the US military bases on our soil. Where in Australia’s political leadership are the voices of reason calling for negotiation not escalation and urging a peaceful solution instead of blindly supporting Trump’s belligerence against North Korea  ?

North Korea was devastated by the US in the early 1950’s; a war that has never finished; only a ceasefire was signed. 30% of their population died in that war and every city and town was flattened. Today the US has dozens of military bases facing them, flies nuclear capable bombers off the Korean coast regularly, has positioned THAAD missile systems in South Korea aimed at North Korea.

Where are the voices in Australia’s political leadership urging the US to remove their threatening THAAD missile system from South Korea (which South Koreans are demanding too),to step back and engage in talks with Nth Korea and seek a Peace Treaty ?

Bevan Ramsden