The organisations who have come together in IPAN have a range of concerns regarding an independent foreign and defence policy for Australia, for example:

  • Do Australians really want US aircraft carriers based in Perth, drones and surveillance aircraft operating from our territory in the Cocos Islands, US marines deployed in Darwin and US nuclear armed ships docking regularly in Brisbane?
  • Will the basing of US troops in Darwin for 6 months of each year compromise Australian sovereignty and our relationships with other Asian countries?
  • Will the major communications and spying facilities ¬†operated by US forces in Australia, such as Pine Gap, Geraldton and North West Cape draw Australia inevitably into any conflicts in which the United States engages?.
  • Is Australian involvement in the ANZUS Agreement really in the interests of Australian peoples, and likely to contribute to peaceful relations within the Asia-Pacific region?
  • Will the increasing proliferation of smaller and more “useable” nuclear weapons make our region safer?
  • How will the Trans Pacific Partnership reduce Australian government regulation of our foreign investment, our financial system and our health system?
  • Do we want an Australian Government defence policy based on defence of Australia or on an offensive involvement in foreign wars?
The Independent and Peaceful Australia Network is a way for us to work collectively to address these concerns, as well as working with peoples of the Asia-Pacific countries to assist their struggles for policies independent of foreign control.