Who we are

IPAN is a network of community and church groups, trade unions, peace and anti-war organisations, and concerned individuals from across Australia, united by our support for an independent Australian foreign policy based on peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

Responding to this common goal, groups around Australia in September 2012 launched the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN).

There are about 50 organisations (see 2019 list here) affiliated to IPAN, and also about 50 individual supporters.

The network welcomes all national and local groups that support our aims, and is working to broaden the involvement of as many organisations and individuals as possible.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and respect their continuing culture. We acknowledge their country was violently seized 230 years ago, and affirm that genuine independence of Australia cannot be achieved without a just and sovereign Treaty with the indigenous people of this land.

IPAN Contacts in each State

ACT Kathryn Kelly 0417 269 984
NSW Nick Deane 0420 526 929
Bevan Ramsden 0418 697 528
NT Justin Tutty 0424 028 741
Jonathan Pilbrow 0403 611 815
QLD Annette Brownlie 0431 597 256
Ross Gwyther 0408 782 983
SA Stephen Darley 08 7329 8542
Derek Burke
TAS Peter Jones
VIC Shirley Winton 0417 456 001
Patrick Newbold
WA Christopher Crouch
Jo Vallentine 08 9272 4252

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