AUKUS & Nuclear Submarines Articles

WILPF Editorial calling for “Full Spectrum Disarmament” in the context of AUKUS

A deeper dive into the implications of AUKUS, by Dr. Tanya Ogilvie-White, APLN Senior Research Adviser and Rear Admiral (ret.) John Gower, former commander of two British submarines and former Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (Nuclear & Chemical, Biological) in the UK Ministry of Defence.   pdf can be downloaded from this website

Report on the ability in future to detect nuclear submarines, rendering them effectively obsolete

Detailed article on the impact of US policies in the Pacific by long time nuclear free and independent campaigner Nic  Maclellan

ASPI article raising some questions, and clarifying that Australia will need a nuclear industry for nuclear subs
Australia’s nuclear submarine decision leaves more questions than answers | The Strategist

AUSMIN and AUKUS – it is even worse than you think – former senior Federal Public Servant Mike Scrafton

Russia urges IAEA monitoring, ‘transparency’ on US-Australia nuclear sub pact

Nuclear-powered submarines have ‘long history of accidents’, Adelaide environmentalist Jim Green warns

Nuke sub deal could make Australia ‘potential nuclear war target’

Dutton may consider leasing nuclear subs

AUKUS: Activists Blast the ‘Anti-China’ Military Pact

To Protect Itself From U.S. Hostility Australia Decides To Buy U.S. Submarines

Former subs boss blasts ‘hocus pocus’ nuclear deal

The nuclear option: will submarines be a Trojan Horse for reactors?

Morrison says sub deal won’t lead to nuclear power push in Australia. Don’t believe him

Paul Keating on the AUKUS deal and nuclear submarines decision

Briefer by David Noonan, Independent Campaigner, 27 Sept 2021

Friends of the Earth researcher Dr Jim Green speech

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