Act now!…Help reform Australia’s dangerous war powers

Add your name to the petition now. Tell them you want robust debate and a democratic vote in place before an Australian Prime Minister can send Australia to war.

War puts the lives of our armed forces at risk, the lives of civilians in other countries at risk, and the life of every single Australian at risk. It’s not a decision that should be made by one person. As a nation, we must be sure before we go to war.

Sign the petition now and help reform Australia’s inadequate war powers.

Australians can be sent to war simply because it suits the domestic agenda of a Prime Minister. Or worse, because it suits the aspirations of other countries. If an Australian Prime Minister wanted to send troops overseas today, it could be done without a parliamentary debate, consultation with the public, or even a requirement to assess the risks and costs.

Help change that today. Add your name now and demand a change in Australia’s war powers.

Because we must #BeSureOnWar.