Airport’s rank hypocrisy, Canberra Times, 20 March 2018

Airport’s rank hypocrisy

So Canberra Airport doesn’t like “political” advertising such as that sought by the ACTU (“ACTU angry at airport rejection of billboard”,, March17).

This is the same airport that continues to grant, year in and year out, prime advertising space to the industry that profits from the horrific daily bloodshed in the Middle East and elsewhere, violence which appalls every decent person.

To the weapons industry, warfare is simply a business opportunity, and the more of it the better for them.

The No Airport Arms Ads campaign has sought since 2015 to have the weapons ads removed. Stephen Byron, managing director of Canberra Airport, wrote in response to the campaign in The Canberra Times on October 24, 2015, “We are a vibrant and diverse capital, and that goes hand in hand with entertaining debate and a diversity of views.”

Really? The airport believes in diversity, with its wall-to-wall weapons promotions? This is anything but diverse.

In discussions with the airport management, the No Airport Arms Ads campaign has also been told that the airport doesn’t promote any particular industries, and don’t think they should have to be the arbiters of what is appropriate advertising in the community.

In that case, they are doing a good impression of being arbiters. It’s looking more and more like a case of all ads being equal, but some – especially for the merchants of death – being more equal than others.

Sue Wareham,