AUKUS’s nuclear submarines threaten global peace and Australia’s independence – 17 September 2021

  • Monumental foreign policy decisions cannot be made without any public engagement behind closed doors
  • A nuclear-powered submarine fleet will represent a fundamental threat to global peace 
  • AUKUS cements Australia as a subordinate of the U.S. 
The shocking announcement of a trilateral security partnership between the U.S., U.K. and Australia (AUKUS) which will be tied to Australia receiving nuclear submarines, is a blow to Australia’s independence and peace in the region.The security partnership, Aukus, was announced without any public scrutiny or engagement. While China was not mentioned in the announcement it is clear that this partnership is designed to confront and contain China, in a belligerent and dangerous manner.

Australia’s receiving of a nuclear submarine fleet as part of Aukus will only cement Canberra’s subordination to Washington.

There are also serious practical considerations to having nuclear submarines that received no public consideration.

Australia will be the only country that has nuclear submarines without nuclear weapons and a domestic nuclear industry. While Prime Minister Morrison has said the submarines will not necessitate the development of said industries – despite the Government’s close relationship to the pro-nuclear lobby – this only highlights our further dependence on, and integration into, the U.S.

Furthermore, this deal will likely see an end to the $90 billion contracts with the French company Naval Group, which marks one of the most egregious wastes of public funds.

During an economic downturn and a pandemic spending on public healthcare, education and public services should be the priority, sinking billions into submarines that will only put Australia in danger is irresponsible.

IPAN spokesperson, Dr Vince Scappatura, said: “Embracing Aukus means undermining Australia’s sovereign defence capabilities and contributing to further militarisation of the region. Australia should be working to reduce tensions and promote peaceful relations. Never has such a monumental decision been made with such little consultation and public engagement.”

“We have only just withdrawn from Afghanistan, a generation-long invasion that is still causing untold devastation. Without taking a breath we have gone from following the U.S. into one catastrophe to committing ourselves to another.”


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