Fukushima Commemoration, Monday 11th March – Brisbane

On Monday 11th March, 2019,  Friends of the Earth Brisbane and Just Peace Queensland are organising a street action to commemorate the eighth year since the deadly meltdown and explosions that destroyed three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Robin Taubenfeld has written a deeply disturbing 2-page summary (attached and pasted here) of the dangers of nuclear power associated not only with the Fukushima disaster but also with Australia’s complicity in uranium mining and exports to countries who have known stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

4.00pm Brisbane:
BHP 480 Queens Street (BHP mines uranium in the vast Olympic Dam S.A.) then to RIO TINTO 123 Albert St (RT owns the infamous uranium Ranger mine in N.T.) and finally to the corner of George & Elizabeth St.