‘Give ’em the boot!’ campaign – US marines out of Darwin

‘Give Em the Boot’ Campaign

We are launching a ‘Give ’em the Boot’ campaign in NSW soon to oppose the stationing of US Marines in Darwin.  More details TBA.

The Gillard Government signed an Agreement with the Americans to station up to 2,500 US marines in Darwin on a rotating basis. Various US aircraft are also being stationed in the Northern Territory.  

This is an unacceptable attack on our sovereignty which inevitably ties us to the US military and its destructive operations in the region.

We will be collecting old boots or shoes as an avenue for talking to people about this issue and will deliver them to the Australian Government in various locations in Australia to let them know that Australians don’t want US marines on our soil.

If you would like to help with this campaign, contact Bevan Ramsden on  0418 697 528 or Nick Deane, 0420 526 929.