Latest Doco – “War and Australia’s Participation – in the 21st Century”.

A new documentary has just been released.   It is  entitled
War and Australia’s Participation – in the 21st Century

An eye-opening mini-documentary about Australia’s shameful participation in wars around the world, which are directly attributed to the US-Australia alliance, and the US soft power influence. It also focuses on Pine Gap, a US military base in the middle of Australia, which is involved directly in drone striking innocent people. Also discover more about Australia’s uranium mining and it’s connection to aboriginal land theft, and the nuclear weapons industry. With interviews from the Independent and Peaceful Australia Conference in 2017, this documentary aims to create a powerful narrative explaining Australia’s violent and shameful war mongering history, as well as current policies, and ways in which people across the nation and around the world are working to make lasting changes, including an Independent Foreign Policy for Australia.   Produced by Casey Davidson.  Film by Mike Henry and Taylor Toovey.

The documentary is 37 Minutes long, and it can be viewed on Youtube here.
A high resolution version of the film is readily available – contact IPAN directly via