Militarisation of education – Talk at the IPAN conference, September 2017

The following is a talk from the 2017 IPAN conference in Melbourne, by Alex Edney- Browne

Alex Edney-Browne, Ph D researcher on drones –  Drone warfare and Militarisation of education

The following is a quote from an article titled ‘ Our Future’s not in welding’ by Nicholas Stuart – he is praising the Northrop Grumman Australian company –
“Over the past five years, the company has expanded its local research capacity, including by acquiring Qantas Defence Services and specialist cyber company M5….Northrop is now impressively involved in the future of defence, instead of just bidding for projects in an attempt to siphon off some of the dollars thrown at equipment purchases.
More importantly, the company is also acting like a responsible corporate citizen.
Among other things, for example, it sponsors residential scholarships at the ANU for country students who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to attend university.”   Canberra Times, p. 20, Dec 6, 2017