Naval support for US in Iran, Media Release 4 August 2019

MEDIA RELEASE    IPAN MEDIA RELEASE Naval support for US in Iran

4th August 2019

No Australian Naval Ships to the Straits of Hormuz

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network delegates at the 2019 national conference have called for Australia to reject any US invitation to send Australian military forces and ships to participate in a naval blockade in the Straits of Hormuz.

“Australia has no interest in a conflict in the Persian Gulf, and no enmity towards Iran. Such a conflict without a UN Security Council resolution would be illegal, and would expose Australian leaders and the ADF to accusations of the war crime of aggression.” Said Dr Alison Broinowski

“Delegates at the conference deplored the manner in which the Prime Minister has identified Australia with US aggression against Iran, without public or parliamentary consultation.”

“At a time when Australia’s world standing is sliding in education, health, human rights, and measures to counter climate change, such identification with reactionary US policies is deplorable, and further expenditure on expeditionary war is unaffordable as well as counter-productive.”

“Conference delegates observed the current extension of US base facilities in and near Darwin, seeing them as drawing Australia further into a conflict not of its own choosing. The target these facilities represent for a foreign enemy endangers Australia more than they protect us.” She said

Dr Broinowski was a keynote speaker at the Australia at a Crossroads: Time for Independent Foreign Policies IPAN Conference in Darwin held over the weekend 2-4th August

For more information please contact:

Dr Broinowski 0422608580

Jonathan Pilbrow Secretary IPAN 0403611816 or

Annette Brownlie IPAN Chairperson 0431597256