No Syria Deployment – 14 August 2015

No Australian Military Forces to Deploy to Syria

14th August 2015

Warning of yet another dangerous Captains pick by PM Abbott, a spokesperson for the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network, Ms Annette Brownlie says she is very alarmed that Australia is considering sending Australian air force fighter planes into Syria.

“This is yet another example of Australian governments falling in line with US Foreign policy, negating our independence and undermining our legal obligations as a member nation of the UN.”

“The Prime Minister today talked of our moral obligation overriding our adherence to international law. Surely we have learned from the mistakes of the 2003 war on Iraq outside of international law”

“Syria is a sovereign state, despite Mr Abbott saying he does not recognise the government of Syria.”

“Community calls for an inquiry into how the Howard Government took Australia into theCoalition of the Willing have not been successful said Ms Brownlie, and today it is clear we desperately need that inquiry. The United Kingdom inquiry continues, with calls for ex – Prime Minister Tony Blair to face war crime charges. After 12 years of war in Iraq, the breakdown of societies in the region and millions of people displaced, hundreds of thousands dead or incapacitated, it is time to say no to military interventions” said Ms Brownlie

“The UN was formed to prevent further world wars 70 years ago after the horrific loss of lives in WW2. At this critical moment we need to draw on the full potential of the UN to find non-military solutions to the crisis in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.”

The Independent and Peaceful Australia Alliance represent a broad range of community peace faith and justice organisations across Australia.

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