Statement of support for Kyoto Coalition – 14 April 2014

Monday 14 April 2014

The Independent, Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) stands with the Kyoto Coalition in your campaign to stop the building of the US/Japan missile defence base in Ukawa district, Kyotango-city, in the northern part of Kyoto prefecture. .

We believe that long-term security is built best through forging communication, trade and social networks between regional states, rather than relying on the presence of large foreign powers in our region, which further polarises international relations and threatens to destabilise the peace.

We seek to build stronger connections with our neighbours who also oppose foreign powers projecting their strength into the region. We welcome conversation and communication with all peoples of the region who are working towards a peaceful future without war or conflict.

IPAN is a network of organisations in Australia who have joined together to;

  • Promote an independent Australian foreign policy that builds peace and nonviolent resolutions to conflict in our region.
  • Oppose the establishment of foreign military bases and the deployment of foreign troops and military in Australia and the Asia-Pacific;
  • Provide information, analysis and opportunities for NGOs, unions, churches and community groups to participate in decision-making on Australia’s peace and security options
  • Build links with peoples and organisations in the Asia-Pacific campaigning for peace and against military bases and troops in the region.