War on Iran must be Prevented – Media Release 24 Jan, 2020

Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN)

War on Iran must be prevented

  • Global Day of Protest on January 25: “No war on Iran!”
  • Rallies in cities around Australia (see details below)
  • Australian Government must bring the Troops Home from Iraq.
  • Fund the Firies, not a war!

“U.S. aggression against Iran threatens to begin yet another disastrous, bloody war. The people of the world must fight back and demand: No war on Iran!”, according to the (US) United National Anti-War Coalition, UNAC.

Following UNAC’s call, on Saturday, January 25, actions in towns and cities across the world will demonstrate their opposition to any US-led war on Iran.

IPAN is joining that call. According to its spokesperson, Nick Deane, “It is of critical importance that all those opposed to war speak up at this time…In this time of climate crisis, the world needs peace more than ever.”

“Australia should have learned lessons from the Iraq invasion. That futile action led to loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and ongoing human misery, an escalation of terrorism across the world, destruction of the environment in Iraq and huge wastage of money – and for what? What benefit came from all that?”, asks Mr Deane.

He added, “Besides, given the capacity of the Iranian military, war with Iran has the potential to be far worse than the war in Iraq”.

“The Australian Government must do all in its power to diffuse the situation in the Middle East. For a start, it should reverse its decision to send HMAS Toowoomba to the Strait of Hormuz and bring home our troops in Iraq”

IPAN urges peace-loving Australians to join the rallies that will be taking place across the nation.

For information, see https://ipan.org.au/event/no-war-on-iran-rallies-around-australia-on-25th-january/

Media Interviews: Contact Nick Deane 0420 526 929
IPAN Media Liaison:  Kathryn Kelly, contact 0417 269 984
Rallies in Australian cities

Perth: 11 am outside U.S. Consulate: Contact: Christopher 0410818633
Adelaide: 1 pm at the War Memorial, corner of Kintore Avenue and North Terrace: Contact Derek 0412652227
Melbourne: 1pm Steps of the State Library contact Shirley 0417456001
Sydney:12pm Sydney Town Hall: Contact Nick 0420526929
Alice Springs: Alice Springs Peace March and Gathering Courthouse lawns 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm  Contact Jonathan 0403611815
Newcastle:11am Westfield Kotara: Contact Bevan 0418697528
Brisbane:11am King George Square  Contact Annette 0431597256