Warships unwelcome

US Warships in Fremantle unwelcome

Today IPAN Member groups People for Nuclear Disarmament, Conservation Council of WA and peace activists have unwelcomed US warships at Fremantle Port.

Former Senator Jo Vallentine said, “The USA is the only country to have ever dropped a nuclear weapon as an act of war. This year is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US military, a horrific event and a reminder of the need to disarm all nuclear weapons.”

“There is an ever increasing presence of the U.S. military in Australia at Kojarena (spy base near Geraldton), Darwin (the Marines have landed), Pine Gap (major tracker and targetter), and the huge Talisman Sabre war exercises coming up in July. Australia continues to facilitate the U.S. military in their use of drones and the capability to launch nuclear weapons. We do not consent.”

Mia Pepper from the Conservation Council of WA said: “The U.S. military have over 10,000 nuclear weapons. As the UN Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference opens in New York this week we should be reviewing Australia’s role in facilitating this nuclear threat from the U.S.”

“This year the Pope said – “It’s time to ban nuclear weapons once and for all! We are calling on Bishop and Abbott to follow suit.”

Protest details:

When: 11am

Where: Fremantle Port

What: Performance protest with Dr Death, Baloney Abbott and the CWA –  Concerned Womyn Anarchists, including a bingo game and the doomsday clock.

Media Contact: 

Jo Vallentine – 0427 708 180
Mia Pepper – 0415 380 808