Australia should not be looking for another war  – 22nd April 2021


  • Australia cannot be dragged into another ill-conceived war
  • Australia needs to assert a non-aligned and peaceful foreign policy

In recent weeks there have been numerous frightening indications that the Australian Government may be preparing to follow the US into a war with China.

This includes former defence minister and current lobbyist Christopher Pyne saying last week that a US-China war “isn’t rhetoric, [but] is something that you and I may well have to confront in the next 5 to 10 years,” adding that Australia would follow the US into this conflict.

This was followed by the announcement that 300 new US troops have been stationed in Australia, joining in the over 1,000 currently in the country. This, combined with existing U.S. military bases in the country, could be perceived as a threat by our neighbours.

With the recent announcement that Australia will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan after two decades of bloodshed and devastation, the need to cautiously evaluate any potential policies that could lead to war is imperative.

Annette Brownlie, President of the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network: “As a former Minister for Defence and now a lobbyist for weapons corporations Christopher Pyne’s talking up of war with China is incredibly irresponsible as is that of Andrew Hastie, the assistant to Defence Minister Peter Dutton comparing the world’s approach to China with the failure to prevent the rise of Nazi Germany. They contrast with the words of the Chief of Defence Angus Campbell where he advocates for “diplomacy over war.”


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