Major weapons projects mean less jobs, Canberra Times, 8 May 2018

The CT report on the submarine project (“Contractor problems run deep on massive submarine project”, 4 May) states that an estimated 2,800 jobs will be created by the submarine project, with its estimated cost being $50 billion. That means we’ll be spending an average of about $17.8 million per job, a figure which makes any sane person gasp with incredulity.  Meanwhile, the government continues to lie through their teeth about the “jobs” benefit of expanding our weapons industry.   The reality is that major weapons projects mean less jobs in health care, less jobs in education, less jobs in looking after our natural environment where the major threats to our future lie, and less jobs in addressing a host of other needs in our community. 

We currently spend around $95 million every day on wars and preparations for wars that make us less secure, and that figure is set to skyrocket.

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Dr Sue Wareham