‘Rule of law’ and Palestine, Canberra Times, 22 May 2018

Just when one wonders how much more Australia can do to hinder peace in the Middle East, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop provides the answer.  Australia’s position as one of only two countries – Israel’s other protector and us – to vote against a UN Human Rights Council resolution to investigate Israel’s large scale killing of unarmed Palestinian protestors (“Bishop defends vote against UN probe”, CT 20 May) beggars belief. 

Yes, we know that if unarmed people exercise their right to protest an illegal occupation, it’s their own fault for getting killed Minister Bishop, and there’s not really much else that brave soldiers could do but shoot them, but please stop pretending that Australia cares about the “rule of law” – that useful phrase that you call upon when convenient – any more.  It’s becoming sickening.

Thank you David Pope; your 18 May cartoon said it all.

Dr Sue Wareham