Turnbull promoting war weapons export, reprehensible, Newcastle Herald, 3 February 2018

Turnbull promoting war weapons export, reprehensible

In providing $3.8 billion in loans to the war weapons manufacturers to boost weapons exports , the Turnbull government is promoting Australia as an exporter of death and misery. Surely we should be seeking to promote peace not war. The Middle East has been mentioned as one area to which weapons sales should be directed. Hasn’t there been enough death, misery and carnage promoted in those countries by Western interference already without wanting to encourage further military activity by selling weapons to countries in that region. Turnbull claims an arms exporting industry will create jobs. Surely that $3.8 billion of our money can be used to promote socially and sustainably useful industries rather than those profiting from selling weapons of death and misery. Many jobs could be created by re-establishing a car manufacturing industry  but one producing electric/solar powered cars, for example. 

Bevan Ramsden