Voice, September 2018

Voice No 20 Sept 2018

In this Issue:
* ICAN Nobel Peace Ride and Rally
* MUA says NO to Nuclear Ports in South Australia
* Youth Voice on Nuclear Disarmament Workshop
* Two Koreas agree to September nuclear summit in Pyongyang
* Danger of breakout of US-Russia hostilities as Syrian government ousts last stronghold of rebel-terrorist resistance in Idlib
* The Social and economic impact of the US Force Posture Initiative and associated stationing in Darwin of US Marines
* Australia, NZ deploy aircraft to Japan to help enforce North Korea sanctions
* Residents protracted fight against RAAF pollution at Williamstown
* The Ten Principles of Bandung- Could they be a good starting point for an Independent Australian Foreign Policy ?
* Agents of Influence- What about the Australian Strategic Policy Institute ?
* Defence giants: the “Valley of Death” is really a Mountain of Money
* Visit to ACT by Joseph Gerson
* Caspian Sea Agreement may show the way to solve the South China Sea disputes- James O’Neill
* Aircraft accidents during war exercises threaten Darwin residents
* A Charter of Human Rights – Ngara Institute
* Signing up for War: The US Military Agreement with Australia you probably know nothing about
* IPAN calls on you to consider signing its e-petition calling for the US Marines to be sent home
* International Day of Peace Lecture- Julian Burnside AO
* The American Foreign Policy Coup
* C.I.A. in Syria – Operation “Timber Sycamore”
* Neutrality and war powers reform- paths to peace for Australia – Forum
* Jirga
* Rapid Public Response Arrangements
* Coming Events Summary